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Welcome to the Power Practice Network–The Marketing Portal for Consultants and Professional Services.

…in association with Soloville, the Association of Independent Professionals, and the Small Business Federation’s Solo & Small Firm Success Network of Professionals and Professional Services Associations.

The Power Practice Network is an association sponsored community of solo and smaller firms.

Be sure to visit our Power Practice Network member resource sites including PracticeMarketing.org, TopMarketingTools.com and Soloville.com

As they say, “Membership Has Its Privileges”. Here are key examples of Power Practice Network Membership benefits:

Marketing Jump Start On-Line Training Programs for Members

Each year Power Practice Network members  receive Marketing Jump Start which includes at least four lazer-focused on-line training programs on timely and essential practice marketing topics.

Recently we put the finishing touches on programs for our members on topics like

  • Referral Based Marketing,
  • Leveraging Social Media,
  • Supercharging Your Practice Using Information (Education) Based Marketing, and 
  • Winning High Search Rankings in Google’s Local Search Space.

These programs are designed with the busy professional in mind. The programs are free to members and the tools we recommend are simple, remarkably effective and fast to implement.

“Success Tools Pro” to Keep You Connected to Top Marketing Resources

You’ll love this! “Success Tools Pro” is a product of our elves who work 24/7 to find the most important websites, posts, social media and other digital products and report them to our members.

“Success Tools Pro” keeps our members connected to top practice marketing resources. It saves our members frustrating hours every month. Now they don’t find it necessary to waste countless hours searching the net or wading thru piles of emails to keep up to date with tools and opportunities to leverage the success of their practice.

Marketing Jump Start Headlines

Our virtual staff, power practice network members and volunteers keep our members on top of their practice management game by alerting our members of the most significant information appearing on the internet.

Now our members stay “connected” and are less likely to miss important trends and emerging opportunities essential to leverage their competitive edge.

The Member Resource Websites

In addition, members have unlimited access to ALL areas of other member resource websites such as the Practice Marketing Center (www.PracticeMarketing.org–beta at this time–major revision in mid year).

All this and more provided at no additional cost to our members.

Join us today! Jump Start YOUR marketing and client development success.